Three days in the heart of Narok county in Kenya just across the Serengeti is indeed a life’s experience. The encroachment of trees and scrub across the Savanna is a site to look out for and get a first-hand experience of. Masai Mara Renown for its exceptional traffic of wildlife and a welcoming community is such an experience to squeeze three days out of.

A game drive comes in essential as a first-day activity within the National Reserve. Site-seeing throughout the reserve for the massive lion population, getting a photographic memory of the antelopes, gazelles, impalas, herds of elephants, wildebeests and cheetahs among other wildlife

A second day in the Mara would entail activities such taking walking safaris for a first-hand experience of the park’s ecosystem in addition to interaction with the natural environment; this is in addition to birdwatching across the record 470 species of birds available within the park; both the indigenous and the migrant species in the park

A third day in the Mara presuming one is either way lucky or unlucky to catch the wildebeest migration would entail a balloon safari for an aerial view of the natural beauty that comes with the geographic alignment of the park. In the extension of time, this would be coupled with social interaction with the Maa community that coexists with the wildlife as part of their heritage.


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