One of our visionary objectives is to provide quality services to visitors intending to tourist destinations in the East African region. That’s why we partner with the best tour operators who tasked with ethically making provisions for assistance, communication of information; and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to the visitors during tours. Our tour guides also subscribe to personal services to individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums and in other significant precincts. These they, therefore, convey to visitors in the language of their comprehension.

Our tour guides are therefore subjected to the following obligations including escorting visitors to trips and tours in various destinations; describing and explaining points of interests during the trip, planning for entry to places such as museums and government buildings besides responding to enquiries by giving the requisite information. Further, they plan and prepare meals and accommodation; in addition to marketing the business of our company.

With regard to their roles, description and allocation of duties, our tour guides are skilled and well acquainted with knowledge of the areas under cover, the features and attractions; besides knowledge of Kenyan culture, history, society and geographical orientation. They also depicts comprehensive knowledge of other cultures in addition to inherently bearing leadership and public speaking skills.

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Rachel Obonyo

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P.o.box 25650 – 00100 Nairobi – Kenya. Town House 9th flr | Opp. Nairobi 20th century…Off Kimathi street. | Kaunda street…. | Adjacent to Tratoria restaurant | Tel: +254 [ 020]-2219940 | Fax:+254 [020]-2219982
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Choose to experience the Wildest Africa with African Natural Habitat Safaris, Feel the touch of personalized experiences that meet the wildest requests for an inevitable African Wildlife safari experience of life time.

We help you discover pure, untouched Africa by designing, private personalized experiences that meet the wildest requests while on this trip with us from planning to the end of this trip. Your time is valuable and travel investments are precious. Let us filter through the noise and clutter to piece together a high-quality journey that fits your unique interests. We know because we’ve we are the designer. We have all the expertise and experience…
Experience The Wildest Africa – African Natural Habitat Safari Holidays


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